Rick Hillier Gen.(Ret.)
-It can be contagious and it's necessary to being a leader. We're not the public service of Canada, we're not just another department. We are the Canadian Forces, and our job is to be able to kill people. You don't achieve anything by stopping at the first sign of difficulty.
Mjolnir Initiative Apparel (M.I.EH.) 
For the Troops, For the Vets, Unapologetically Canadian.
My name is Chris, and I am a Canadian Armed Forces Veteran as my Father, Grandfather and Great-Grandfather was. I am the founder of Mjolnir Initiative Apparel, or, M.I.EH. 
I enlisted straight out of high school and was off to basic training 2 weeks after 9/11 and after graduation I joined my first unit in Halifax N.S. with the Royal Canadian Navy. During my time in uniform I completed various deployments received 2 medals, apparently have 2 more on the way and my military resume has me down as spending 2970 days posted to high readiness units and of that spent 873 days at sea. I finished off my career voluntarily in 2014.
I have since been in Edmonton Alberta and spent time as an Electrician  / Construction safety officer in the oil field as well as working as a assembly technician for a oil field service company. With the down turn in the oilfield I was forced to adapt and overcome and in the end I found myself as a Freight train conductor with the railway. During this time something unthinkable had happen, I received a letter from the current fleet Admiral detailing a plea of recruitment for me to re-enlist. Oddly I found myself actually quite happy with the prospect, and even excited at working with some of the best men and women I know, even more so I was needed to serve my country again. In the end it appears that this is no longer possible for medical reasons related to my previous service.
Not long after I had received my letter, by way of a conversation with other veterans M.I.EH. was founded. A few fellow Veteran's and I felt there was a need for a brand in Canada that actually stood for something. That actually was based in Canada and focused on those that served, offering them things that they wanted but couldn't get in Canada. Also we felt it important for this brand to have a social component to it that allowed us to help support the veteran community at large and possibly provide them with gainful employment. A brand if you will that actually matters to people here at home. I wasn't aware of it at the time but it also allowed me to still serve and be of service to my community, which as it happens is a driving forces that enables me to relentlessly pursue this initiative.
Made/Designed by C.A.F. Veteran's. There is weight to this I feel, It helps put food on the table of everyday people like you, that also happen to be our veterans. The Initiative in our name is something that is very special in My heart and why our acronym is M.I.EH. Rather than be angry after hearing an important Canadian politician say that Canada's veterans are asking for more than the Government can give right now, we decided to say GOOD! We are trained leaders and if the Countries leadership is unable to facilitate our brothers and sisters, then we will. This is the true fire that fuels M.I.EH. and Mjolnir Initiative was born, we are earmarking 10% of our profits to go to reputable Canadian Armed Forces Veteran Charities. So that way we can help our brothers and sisters that are afflicted at home and for all intents and purposes MIA. 
We have done our best to ensure that M.I.EH. has everything that it can to succeed but the reality is, it is still in its infancy so our wait times will be more than you are used too but that is because our leather goods and women's athletics wear is made to order and made by hand. As we become more sustainable and are able forecast demands we hope this will change.
That said our Ranges are high quality, free-trade and we stand behind all of it, of course, as we grow we hope we can expand into something truly special. 
Kind Regards,
Chris Williams. C.D.