Our Story

Mjolnir Initiative Apparel (MIA) 

For the Troops, For the Vets, Unapologetically Canadian made.
My name is Chris, and I am a Canadian Armed Forces Veteran of 13 yrs and as it happens the founder of Mjolnir Initiative Apparel, or, MIA. 
MIA was founded because a few fellow Veteran's and I felt there was a need for a brand in Canada that actually stood for something. That actually matters to people. We all buy clothes and to be honest I have never been one to spend any amount of money on them and why would I when I am going to have to replace it in a year or less.  
Because of this MIA is made by Canadian hands. There is a reason for that, It helps put food on the table of everyday people like you and I. All the fabrics are knitted from raw cotton and Polysynthetic fibers in Canada. It is then processed to a usable fabric and cut and sewn in Canada and I think that is outstanding. But honestly the best part, which is immediately noticeable, the Quality is Outstanding. I will tell you now that if it's in our store, It is top shelf Quality. If you are looking for a $5 shirt, go to Walmart.
The Initiative in our name is something that is very special in our hearts and why our acronym is MIA. After hearing an important politician mention that our Veterans are asking too much... Rather than be angry, we decided to say GOOD! This is the true fire that fuels MIA, we are earmarking 20% of our profits to go to reputable Canadian Armed Forces Veteran Charities. So that way we can help our brothers and sisters that are afflicted at home and for all intents and purposes MIA. Now we have done our best to ensure that MIA has everything that it can to succeed but the reality is, it is still in its infancy so our wait times will be more than you are used too, for now. That said our Ranges are high quality and we stand behind all of it, and of course, as we grow we can expand into something truly special. 
Kind Regards,
Chris Williams. C.D.