The battery of T-shirts Continues

So it would appear that our continuing battery of t-shirt designs is well received, better received than I ever could have thought. We kicked off our new shirts and new designs at the same time and it is amazing the support that we have been receiving. People are digging the new shirts, and we have our fulfillment dates down to almost 5 days from purchase, and 3 days sometimes. Which for us was a weak area, In the past it has taken longer than it should have and it was deeply disturbing to me. But it is also good. because that was something that I was able to fix and it is already speaking for itself. It did mean some sacrifices on our end the main one for us is our switch from a Canadian made t-shirt to an American one.

Or new designs currently have been focused on JUNO and the D-Day anniversary Just look at this bad boy I think it's outstanding, and our model was fantastic for the new feel coming into MIA. Little known fact, the picture that you see on JUNO is an Actual picture taken from a Canadian landing craft the morning of the landings.

The other Design which I am ridiculously in love with right now, and I am speaking from the POV of the person who conceptualized the designs and implemented them so... there is that. but I am really enjoying the retro look of "When recruiting mattered." It was kind of a dig at the current recruiting drive that is happening in Canada if you were not aware? but its really basically the slowest process that they could have come up with unless they are trying to make sure every recruit is supposed to be aged like a fine scotch than maybe they know what they're doing. But that is just my opinion. 

Super retro, just look at it, Have I mentioned I am loving it? You see, what makes these special is that they are mocks of original Canadian propaganda from 1939. Apparently, there weren't enough troops, which isn't surprising but because of the need and through the use of posters and other means Canada brought its numbers from 4000 troops at the beginning of WW2 to over 1 million having served during the war. That is truly mind-blowing. 

You may notice here shortly that there are a lot more Navy designs coming online and there is a reason for this, Partly its what I know the best as I myself spent 13 years with the Royal Canadian Navy. So coming up on our 1 year anniversary you are going to start to see me flaunt OUR great Naval tradition. It started with Heart of Oak, which may not seem like much to the laymen, but there are so many little details. Like the original marching songs lyrics laid over a great oak tree. The orientation of the lyrics and compass on the shirt. They're actually aligned to a bearing of 330. Which coincides with the hull number of the Halifax class frigates and the course to be steered when you make your approach into Halifax harbour. Like I said little things. And 1 year in the making. 

So like I said just a battery of stuff coming in and I am not going to stop anytime soon, currently, I have released 7 new designs in the last week, and there are 7 more coming this week, and more after that. 

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