Exciting stuff is happening

So MIA has been busy and all for good reasons. We are currently switching our t-shirts over. It is something that we have been considering for a while but there is a catch. our new supplier doesn't use the same shirts. So there is that, which means from here on out we are using Belle & Canvas shirts. While the Shirts themselves are Not Canadian made they are considered a higher quality t-shirt made with ethical practices and Sweatshop free while and honestly are leading the apparel industry when it comes to minimizing environmental impact during the manufacturing process.

All of this and still a Premium Shirt that is ringspun. If your not familiar with what that means, it is considered the best method in the industry for jersey cloth that is going to be printed on.

This is good news for sure, currently, we have many designs that have been on the back burner that can now come forward. And the best part is that we can start to cut back our production times and have in place a fulfillment guarantee of 6 days. Which is great from a customer standpoint because you will get your Shirt faster. Of course, the best part of this move for MIA is lower our costs to the customer while still averaging about the same for our charity donation. 

Of course, if you were curious, this actually doesn't change anything when it comes to the women's line which is all still made in Canada. 

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