Building a Community around Canadian made.

It's funny I am consistently plagued by cheaper products that I have to always stand back and do a check.

Most recently one of our manufacturers decided to start offering men's t-shirts and printing. Which from a business standpoint would be fantastic. But while they say they are now offering premium basic Tee's they're offering NOT Canadian made. Which is unfortunate because we have some outstanding manufacturers in the country. 

So do I go with them? Even though the company offering the shirts are Canadian themselves? It is funny how tempting it is to go with these shirts as they are a solid company with Premium quality shirts that are socially conscious and sweatshop-free not to mention we are familiar with them because we got our start with them.

Supporting Canada has its ups and downs but while I would sooner contribute to our own Tax base than water down M.I.A's message there is an interesting dichotomy here. Wear something that was made by Canadians for Candian's in an Ethical and Responsible manner, even if it is not 100%?

Its kind of a rant and I apologize but I thought it was pertinent to our label and its followers to let them know that as always the struggle is real and we are consistently looking to improve our offering and there are choices that we make to ensure our integrity on a daily basis.

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